Upgrade your drive-thru experience with the leading conversational AI platform

With over 400 stores around the US, Hi-Auto is ready to streamline your QSR

What makes Hi Auto the dominant player in the AI voice for QSRs?

#1 technology

Hi Auto is the market leader in conversational AI for QSRs. With over 400 stores nation-wide, you are sure to upgrade your customer experience.

Upsell tool

The built-in upsell tool is designed to easily increase overall order value.

94% accuracy

Hi Auto is 94% accurate and can work through noisy drive-thru settings. It also quickly understands when items are out of stock so you can expect fewer mistakes.

Cut your costs

Automate your processes and reduce costs by eliminating labor issues like increased minimum wages and high employee turnover.

Seamless order experience

Hi Auto can process mid-sentence changes, handle multiple requests, understand accents, and digest 40 complex menus.

Streamline your service

Reduce customer wait time. Hi Auto is never distracted and always ready to take an order.

Over 94% Accuracy Rate

Leveraging a proprietary conversational AI and human supervision hybrid approach allows Hi Auto to achieve employee-level accuracy

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“What I’ve seen with Hi Auto is they get the order right. The order accuracy is truly great. It repeats the order back to the customer and it’s always right."


The Time is Now

Drive-thru business is at all time high while hiring is as challenging as ever before.
Many big chains are rolling out conversational AI at scale
already this year to address these challenges. Let Hi Auto help you bring more
consistency into your QSR operations.

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"Hi Auto has now installed their conversational AI systems in drive-throughs around the country, and are seeing a 90% level of accuracy..."

businesswire: Conversational AI Powers Drive-Thru

"With Hi Auto, it happens in every transaction where it's feasible. So, we see improvements in our average check, service time and improvements in consistency and customer service..."

WIRED: Covid Brings Automation to the Workplace

"Hi Auto, a voice recognition firm, never fails to upsell customers on fries or a drink, which Cooper says has boosted sales..."

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