We are Hi Auto

Our mission is to push conversational AI limits to improve the customer
experience in a noisy atmosphere while generating significant cost
savings for QSPs.

Ours is a story of one company’s passion for AI voice technology, its love of restaurants,
and combining the two to build a human-like conversational AI solution that automates order taking.

Like any good story, ours has a villain. Noise from idling engines, revving motors, and
open windows interfered with existing voice recognition applications.

We built a team of professors, Google voice experts, and automotive noise-reducing
veterans who were leaders in speech recognition and natural language understanding
to tackle the two biggest challenges we faced at the drive-thru — natural
conversations between people and machines, and crystal-clear voice recognition
accuracy even in a drive-thru lane surrounded by idling engines.

The result is Hi Auto, a conversational AI system that uses natural language processing
and accurate voice recognition. We paved the way for restaurants to improve business
operations by optimizing order taking, enabling them to capture orders accurately,
increase upsells, shorten wait times, and reduce labor costs, making Hi Auto’s voice
technology the employee of the month.

Meet the Team

Roy Baharav

CEO & Co-Founder

Eyal Shapira

CTO & Co-Founder

Yoav Ramon

AI Lead

Yaniv Shaked


Sapir Finger


Adam (Asaf) Nitzan

AI Lead

Dor Soifer


Nadav Hazan


Nadav Shemesh

Data Quality

Emil Loer


Ophir Hacohen

Operations & Customer Success Manager

Lian J.

Data Quality

Shoval Gilead


Asaf Shamir

Marketing Manager

Prof. Roi Reichart


Prof. Israel Cohen

Speech Processing

Bar Madar


Vitaly Karablin


Itamar Eizik


Lior Ron


Achimeir Shenwald


Board of Directors

Zohar Zisapel

Co-Founder & Acting Chairman

Carl Nank

Former VP Operations Jack, Advisor

Prof. Dan Povey

Advisory Board Creator of Kaldi
World Expert Speech Recognition

Ofer Ben-noon

Advisory Board

Vikas Seghal

Advisory Board

We’re Hiring

If you’re passionate about voice technology, love everything about AI, and want to
work in a fun, fast paced environment, Hi Auto may have the opportunity for you.

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