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What Dolby has done for music and movies, “Hi Auto” is doing for the human voice. Hi Auto is looking to accelerate the evolution of voice applications in the car and in other environments so people better use their time, and are healthier and safer.


We go the extra mile to build excellent products and to bring unique value to our customers.

Friendship & respect

We are a family. We respect and take care of each other. We thrive to see the team’s benefit before our own. We thrive to share the credit of success and take responsibility and learn from failures.


We stand by our word.

Partnership & Transparency

Every employee should feel an owner and be proud in the company and mission. We share everything. We believe people get meaning by understanding.

Trust & Fairness

Trust with employees, customers, investors, is the key to building big things together. We are not discriminating based on age, gender, religion, sexual orientation. We should have unbiased processes. We thrive for fairness.

NLP Research Engineer

Hi Auto’s mission is to develop the best voice experience for human-machine interactions. We are making human and machine dialog more humane and natural


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